I’m Mike Adams

Marketing Consultant, Business Coach, and Mentor

Getting To Know Me

“The lifeblood of your business, whether big or small comes down to how you’re valued by those whom you choose to serve. I assist you to find and maintain that value.”

So, now I’m going to share a small part of my story with you. However, my goal is to help you to tell your story to the people you want to resonate with, whether you are an individual or a brand.

What can I tell you about me?
In one way or another, I’ve been establishing my value with anybody I come in contact with, my whole life. In fact, you have, we all have. 

 As someone born in the UK, in the 60’s, of Afro-Caribbean heritage, value and perception has always been, front stage and centre as the challenges I have experienced on my journey possibly explains why I have ended up, doing what I’m doing, in the way I do it.

In a career that spans 35 plus years, across 4 continents in a variety of settings, I have been called a consultant, business model practitioner, coach, mentor and some other descriptions, that best remain unspoken. 

Whatever, the title, the one indisputable truth I have repeatedly experienced is…

“In your business there’s always, and I mean always, a new challenge waiting for you.”

The very nature of business is to build more and more layers, and your business won’t be any different.

My role is to assist you in stripping those layers away, so you can establish your true value with those who work for and with you. And, yes you guessed it, those you serve. I repeat it, because it’s important. I would actually say, critical.

Investing in your value will leave you leaner, fitter and ready to meet all challenges with confidence.

My passion, coupled with methodology for finding solutions to your problems may be intense, even deliberately provocative at times. But, it’s always focused on getting you the results you’re seeking by making you relevant to your target audience. I adopt a sensitivity that respects that your desired outcomes are not universal; they are personal to you or your enterprise.

Your brand, is fighting for attention, in this highly competitive society, making it harder for you to stay relevant. By establishing the value you actually deliver to those you serve, you’ll build bonds with your clients, that others will find extremely difficult to break.

Success comes in many guises and I welcome the opportunity to discuss how I may be able to assist you to achieve or maintain yours.

Ways, I Can Assist You

Are My Skills Relevant To You?

Does what I do, relate to what you want done? I sincerely hope that my core skills match your needs, be great to hear from you.
  • Business Modeling & Value Proposition
  • Marketing Strategy & Implementation
  • Branding & Communications 
  • Corporate identity & Design

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What you Say Matters To Me

“When its comes down to objectivity, professionalism and value for your bucks, Michael ticks all the boxes. He got to grips with our issues immediately and quickly implemented actions that not only made sense, they actually worked.”
Darryl Brathwaite

President, Grenada National Trust

“Always full of fresh but relevant ideas and perspectives. Has great instincts in uncovering where your core value proposition is and how it should be communicated. We collaborate on many things and I know my business concerns have enjoyed the benefits of his insights. Long may it continue.”
John West

CEO, Touchstone Holdings Limited

“Having grown significantly in the last couple of years, we knew to compete with the big boys, we had to up our game. Michael’s hands-on input into our strategy, corporate identity and marketing effort has reaped rewards.”
Steve Hickling

Managing Director, Smart Inventory Services Ltd

“The business community are always extremely demanding, impatient and seeking the shortest route to success. Michael was invaluable in developing a strategy that made us a relevant support service to the businesses we target. Membership has grown and more importantly, clients understand our value.”
Hazelann Hutchinson

Executive Director, Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce

If I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


+44 7522652381

Business Services

  • Business Modelling
  • Business Planning
  • Change Management

Creative Services

  • Corporate Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design